From a single reeved, general duty packaged hoist - to severe duty hoists for a mill environment - to VFD controlled hoists with redundant braking features for aerospace; CraneTech has you covered.

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Manual Chain Hoists

Manual hoists are lightweight and portable, and ideal for use in tight spaces.

Hand Chain Hoists

These smaller portable hoists are ideal for facilities that require that parts be positioned accurately yet infrequently and where the hoist must be repositioned.

Lever Hoists

This type of manual chain hoist is operated with a chain-type lever that helps the user pull, lift or lower heavy objects with relatively little effort. Great in the tool box!

Electric Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists are available in small capacity to heavy capacity, heavy-duty models. Standard models can be customized with many optional features to meet your specific requirements.

Air Chain Hoists

Rugged air chain hoists provide exceptional lifting speeds. Air power gives users the ability to exactly position heavy loads.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Available in many capacities and lifts, heavy duty electric wire rope hoists are ideal in hazardous, spark-resistant and most other industrial applications.

Air Wire Rope Hoists

Air hoists allow you to lift and position almost any load — even in spark-resistant and hazardous environments. Regardless of your industry, required capacity or application, there is an air wire rope hoist to suit your needs.


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