Crane Systems

From a simple jib crane to a complete overhead crane system; including design engineering, runways and professional installation — we do it turn-key! 

  • Jib Cranes
  • Monorails
  • Patented Track Crane and Runway Systems
  • Light Crane Systems
  • Underhung Cranes
  • Top Running Single or Double Girder Cranes
  • Box Girder Monobox and Double Girder Span Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes
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More About Our Crane Systems



CraneTech supplies and installs both simple monorail systems to support a single hoist off an existing structure to complex, highly engineered monorail systems incorporating switches, curves and interlocks. We feature Louden and Cleveland Tramrail patented track for curved systems and aerospace applications.

For workstation monorail systems under 2 Ton capacity, we are a dealer of Gorbel Cranes and monorails.

Jib Cranes

CraneTech can supply many types of jib cranes from column mounted to base mounted including the design of the footer and installation. Base mounted Jibs are often supplied with collector rings and powered rotation for continuous rotation. We supply Jib cranes made by Gorbel, Spanco and other reputable brands.

Light Crane Systems

Light crane systems are a big part of our business with many being place in individual and multi-user work cells. The cranes are typically under two ton capacity and push pull on the long travel and cross travel using electric chain hoists. The can also be motorized if the travel distance or application warrants it. The crane systems are up to 30’ span and 2 ton capacity with runway length that are typically under 100’. The support columns can be customized to avoid existing pieces of equipment. CraneTech features Gorbel Workstation cranes; but can also off Demag and Spanco if they better fit your needs.


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