Workstation Cranes Improve Productivity and Safety 

Workstation Cranes 101

The team at CraneTech has installed custom overhead crane and hoist equipment for thousands of customers over the years including Chain & Wire Rope Hoists, Jib Cranes, Monorail Systems, Bridge Cranes. Crane Controls and more.  One of the more effective low cost systems is the freestanding workstation crane that is designed to be economical and easy to install. These cranes with spans of under 30’ and load capacities under 2 Tons were designed to assist workers to lift formerly backbreaking loads in a small work area or production line.

Workstation cranes typically consist of freestanding columns and headers that support crane runway tracks on each side that are similar to barn door track.  Multiple sets of runway columns can be located for a run as short as 10’ with 4 columns or up to and over 200’ with as 11 sets of columns.  The workstation bridges span across the two runways running on wheels inserted into the track.  The bridge beam is also similar to the runway (“barn door”) track with a trolley running under the track.  The trolley has a load bar that accommodates an Electric Chain Hoist.

The hoist is operated by a 4 button pendant located off the hoist.  The load is maneuvered manually up and down the runway and across the bridge beams.  The design of the track and wheel system makes this movement fairly effortless, even with a 2 ton load.

The workstation crane has become one of the biggest sellers today with many going into high tech operations. The beauty of them is that they can be ordered today and typically installed in under a month.  And when your work sell needs to move into another location, we can disassemble and relocate in a flash.

CraneTech features Workstation crane Gorbel; however, we have access to workstation crane from Spanco and KBK (Demag) as well.

Contact us below or call one of our offices and we will have a trained crane expert review your application to make sure you get a cost effective, safe and reliable crane system.

The CraneTech Difference

At CraneTech, we have over 15 years of experience installing overhead lifting solutions for clients across several industries including but not limited to: aerospace, glass fabrication, auto, and steel.

We know that the set up of your facility can have a huge impact on not only cost, but also working conditions for your employees. This is why we treat our customers like family and are committed to providing the best possible options for you and your team, using the highest quality materials and equipment in the industry. We also offer crane training and safety certification classes so that you can keep your team safe.

If you would like a free consultation on how to optimize your operations, please contact us.

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