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Overhead Crane Services in

Tulsa, Oklahoma

CraneTech provides fast, high quality crane services to companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Time is money, and every minute that your crane is down is critical. That's why we offer preventative maintenance, inspections, and emergency crane repair services from our branch office located at 16645 E. Eastpark Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116.

  • Skilled repair technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Quick service to Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Operations management support to facilitate parts
  • Parts and servicing available for every brand and model
  • Fully stocked warehouse with parts and equipment ready to go

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Oklahoma Crane Repairs 24/7

365 Days a Year

When you have a crane or hoist break down unexpectedly, we’re there for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Our mission is to get your crane or hoist back in service during the initial visit, if possible so that you can complete your shift with limited downtime. If your equipment requires factory parts, we are fully staffed to expedite the order and manage delivery follow-up to get your equipment back into production. 

CraneTech has significant resources that enable us to respond to big problems with fast, effective solutions. Often we are able to make a safe and temporary repair when the proper crane or hoist parts for a permanent repair are not immediately available. Our Operations Team then works with you to plan a long-term solution to prevent further unplanned breakdowns. This plan may include additional parts or components, increased frequency of preventive maintenance, modernization or upgrade of existing equipment or even replacement of the hoist or crane unit.


We Repair Equipment from All Major Brands


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About Tulsa

Americrane & Hoist is now part of the CraneTech family. Our Tulsa branch office is conveniently located at 16645 E. Eastpark Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116.

Business in Tulsa

Tulsa has been known as the oil capital, paving the way for the city's growth. Numerous oil and gas-related companies, including Williams Companies, ONE Gas, Samson Resources, Magellan Midstream Partners, and Excel Energy, are headquartered in Tulsa. In addition to the booming growth in the gas and oil industries, Tulsa has diversified into other sectors such as Aerospace and Aviation, Manufacturing, Technology and Innovation, Transportation and Logistics, and Engineering. CraneTech possesses a wealth of expertise in catering to clientele across these diverse sectors.

Major Neighborhoods in Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa - serves as the vibrant heart of the city, hosting the majority of businesses, cultural attractions, and entertainment venues. Notable districts within Downtown include the Arts District, the Brady Arts District, and the renowned BOK Center.

Midtown - emerges as a diverse locale featuring shopping districts, parks, and residential neighborhoods. Notably, the popular shopping destination Utica Square is nestled within Midtown.

Brookside - for those eager to explore Tulsan cuisine, Brookside stands out as a trendy, walkable neighborhood. Boasting a mix of restaurants, shops, and residential areas, Brookside is renowned for its lively atmosphere and frequent events.

15th Street - fondly known as Cherry Street, 15th Street unfolds as a historic district teeming with local businesses, charming shops, and enticing restaurants.

South Tulsa - a blend of residential and commercial spaces, encompasses shopping centers, parks, and upscale neighborhoods. Noteworthy areas within South Tulsa include Bixby and Jenks.


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