Controls & Electrification Systems

Overhead cranes installations demand the use of safe, economical and reliable power solutions. CraneTech offers a full range of control systems and electrification solutions to keep your plant operating safely and optimally. We service all control brands with proactive maintenance and emergency repairs, and we get the critical parts you need to you quickly.


Electrical and Control Products


Remote Controls

With the installation of a radio remote control installed by one of our trained electricians we can improve the safety and productivity of your crane system. Crane and hoist wireless remote control boxes allow the user to operate the crane while positioned away from the load being transported, increasing safety and optimizing space utilization.

Runway Electrification

Runway electrification brings power to your bridge crane system. CraneTech installs and services crane electrification systems and components, including conductor bar systems, festoon systems, tag-line systems and cord reels.

Var. Frequency Drives

CraneTech features the industry-leading Magnetek family of adjustable frequency drives that offers versatility, reliability and safety. Models range from basic, compact low-cost units used in trolley and bridge drives to advanced units featuring exclusive crane and hoist software such as anti-sway control and remote features.

Automation Controls

Automated overhead crane solutions speed production, reduce labor costs, increase productivity, reduce product damage and lower overall capital expenses associated with your lifting processes. The latest crane controls and positioning systems allow you to automate existing crane and hoist systems as well as new installations.


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